2018 Midwest TV & Appliance Big Green Egg Mystery Box Challenge

Rotary Rock-n-Ribs would like to present the Big Green Egg “Mystery Box Challenge” which is a fun competition for barbecue cooks, food vendors, and restaurant chefs to turn a selection of everyday ingredients into a delicious three-course meal.

Entry fee is $100 per cook/team – limit to 24 teams.

The event is divided into three rounds:  appetizer, entrée and dessert.

  • Each round, the cooks are given a mystery box with two to four ingredients. The ingredients could be related or unrelated.
  • Only one set of six (6) to eight (8) sample to be turned in per team, per category.  If more than six samples turned in, the extra samples will be shared to volunteers and/or table captains.
  • Once the 1st round has been scored and judged; one-third of the teams will be eliminated before the next round begins.
  • Once the 2nd round has been scored and judged; another one-third of teams will be eliminated and the last one-third of teams will compete in the dessert category.
  • Winner takes all.
  • Each team will be provided a Big Green Egg to be used during the competition, unless the team already owns a Big Green Egg.
  • Each team is asked to cook outside of their trailer or camper on their cooking site for the public to view the contestants working with their ingredients.
  • Teams may use any type of tray and 6” paper, plastic, or glass plates for the food samples to be set on for judges. If a team wants the trays and plastic or glass plates returned, they will be available to be picked up after the scores are tallied at the turn-in table.

Blind judging and scoring will be utilized similar to the KCBS rules and regulations.  The plan is to use 100% KCBS judges

Prize money will be depended on the number of participating teams.

This fun and exciting Mystery Box Challenge will be on Sunday from 8 am until 2:30 pm.; 8:00 am will be the cooks’ meeting.

Tentative times:  the exact times will be announced at the cooks’ meeting.

Appetizer – 8:30 am – Open Mystery Box for Appetizer Category and Appetizer category begins.

9:05-9:15 am – turn-in for the appetizer to judges.

10:00 am  – Top 2/3 teams are announced to go to the next round (entrée); 1/3 teams with the lowest scores are eliminated.

Entrée –  10:15 am  – Open Mystery Box for the Entrée Category

11:10-11:20  – Turn-in for the Entrée Category to judges

12:00 pm – Top 1/3 teams are announced and go to the next round (dessert)

Dessert –  12:15 pm – Open Mystery Box for the Dessert Category

1:05 – 1:15 pm – Turn-in for the Dessert Category to judges.

2:15 pm (or sooner) –  Winner is announced

Rules and times are subject to change – depending on the number of teams