There will be two Kids Q Competition cooking groups:

1. Grill Masters: Ages 7-10 years old at the time of the event –
Cook will be allowed only 1 adult helper and/or a team member in their own age category, but should strive to cook by themselves as much as possible.
Each child will cook hamburger and garnish as they wish. Hamburger entries will consist of 2 hamburgers or 2 patties.

2. Pit Masters: Ages 11-15 years old at the time of the event –
The head cook must do the preparation, cooking and presentation by themselves. Parents can be nearby watching, outside of cooking site, and can be available for questions from the cook but cannot have any hands-on to any preparation, cooking and presentation.

Staff/supervision will be available to assist if we see that the situation requires it.
Steaks may be served in any manner and garnishment is preferred.

The KCBS rules apply for meat, seasonings, sauce, and presentation. Grills, picnic tables for workspace, and meats will be provided to the cooks. Cooks will be provided their meat for their category at the cooks’ meeting and may need to be kept chilled in a cooler for safety reasons until cooking begins. Each cook needs to bring their own cooler, potholders, utensils, rubs, sauces, and mixings.
Child/Cook must be standing in the “Turn-In” area by the designated times to have their entry accepted.

Each entry will be judged by a panel of 6 judges for the 1 st through 6 th place winners in each category. Total payout will be $500.00; top 3 places will receive trophies or plaques.

There will be $250.00 payout for each category:

Grill Masters (ages 7 to 10 years old) – 1st Place – $75, 2nd Place – $50, 3rd Place – $40, 4th Place – $30, 5th Place – $20, and 6th Place – $10; plus Sponsor’s Choice for creativity – $25.00

Pit Masters (ages 11 to 15 years old) – 1st Place – $75, 2nd Place – $50, 3rd Place – $40, 4th Place – $30, 5th Place – $20, and 6th Place – $10; plus Sponsor’s Choice for creativity – $25.00

Schedule for Grill Masters and Pit Masters:

5:30 pm – Cooks’ Meeting
5:40 pm – Cooks pick up hamburger or steaks
6:00 pm – Grills should be started and ready for cooks to begin cooking their meats
6:30 pm – Turn-in for Grill Masters
7:00 pm – Turn-in for Pit Masters

Awards presented to Kids Q contestants will be announced at Cook’s Meeting

Each team member’s parent(s) will be required to sign a Release and Indemnification Agreement at check-in or before any child can participate in the Kids Q Competition.

For questions, contact Laurie Tweten (event organizer) at 608-769- 7446 or

Get your kids involved!  Teach them young the value of cooking and enjoying grilled meat!