The 2018 Rotary Rock-n-Ribs competition is a Master Series/State Championship contest sanctioned by the KCBS and will be held on June 22 and 23, 2018 at the La Crosse Valley View Mall, 3800 State Road 16, La Crosse WI.  To amplify our event even further we have partnered with B.A.S.S. – Bassmaster Elite Series Fishing Tournament – largest fishing tournament organization in the world.

Rotary Rock-n-Ribs Master Series/State Championship. Winner gets an automatic invite to the American Royal Invitational and be put in the Jack Daniels draw.

Wisconsin BBQ Championship Points Chase.   All Wisconsin KCBS sanctioned teams are scored on their top 6 scoring contests with no limit of how many Wisconsin competitions a team competes in.

Entry Fees

The entry fee is $255.00.  Limited to 50 teams.


Contestants must compete in all four meat categories to be eligible for overall awards.  Prize money will be awarded to the Grand Champion, Reserve Grand Champion, 3rd Overall, and 1st through 10th places in each meat category.  Per the KCBS rules, organizers of a competition must submit to the KCBS in a minimum of 90 days prior to the contest a list of all prize monies and a letter guaranteeing payment of said money at which time payouts can only be decreased with KCBS Board approval and notification to the teams.  The guaranteed minimum payout letter to the KCBS will be set and guaranteed for $8700 as follows:

Payout listing is as follows:

Overall Scores
Grand Champion  $1000.00 (Trophy or Plaque included)
Reserved Grand Champion  $500.00 (Trophy or Plaque included)
Overall Scores  $400.00 (Trophy or Plaque included)

Each Meat Category:
1st Place  $350.00 (Trophy included)
2nd Place  $300.00 (Trophy included)
3rd Place  $250.00 (Trophy included)
4th Place  $200.00
5th – 10th Place  $100.00

ALSO per KCBS rules, payouts can be increased at the organizer’s discretion.  It is the Rotary Rock-n-Ribs organizer’s desire to have more than 40 teams that way the payout can be $10,000 as follows:  

Overall Scores        

Grand Champion $1000.00  (Trophy or Plaque included)
Reserved Grand Champion  $  600.00  (Trophy or Plaque included)
3rd Overall Scores   $  400.00  (Trophy or Plaque included)

Each Meat Category:
1st Place   $ 500.00  (Trophy included)
2nd Place  $ 400.00 (Trophy included)
3rd Place  $300.00  (Trophy included)
4th Place  $200.00|
5th -10th Place $100.00

Total Payout if over 40 teams                      $10,000.00

Awards & Trophies

Awards and trophies will be presented on or around 4:30 pm on Saturday, June 24th, under the tent.

Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS) Rules Apply

All teams must follow the 2018 KCBS Official Rules and Regulations on

Meat Inspection

All teams must follow the KCBS rules.  Meat inspection will take place on Friday, June 22ndNo meats shall be marinated, brined or injected prior to meat inspection.  If you arrive late (after 9 pm) on Friday and organizer is not available, there will be three barbeque teams in charge of checking team’s meats.

Cooks’ Meeting

The cooks’ meeting is on Friday, June 22nd at 4:30 pm.

Optional Competition

Additional details will be provided via emails and website in 2018.

  • Steak Cookoff Association (SCA) Competitions – Friday, June 22nd. Entry Fee $100 entry fee for barbeque teams/cooks in the Master Series/State Championship competition on Saturday, June 23rd and $125 for non-barbeque teams/cooks.  Qualification for winner will be announced in 2018.
  • Kids Q – Friday, June 22nd. Entry Fee is $25 – includes a t-shirt for the Kids Q competitor.
  • Additional competitions – plans are underway.

Cooking Sites

  • You are welcome to set up on your cooking site as early as Friday, June 22nd at 8 am. If you plan on coming Thursday after 4 pm, please let the organizer know your estimated time of arrival.
  • Chief Cook takes responsibility for team conduct and to keep cooking site clean during and after the contest.
  • Pits, cookers, campers, tents and other equipment shall not exceed the assigned space – Choice of a 20’ x 50’ space. Choice of spot will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.  Depending on availability and room, there may be a couple 20’x60’ spots available – first come, first served basis applies as well (must indicate on application).
  • A fire extinguisher must be near all cooking devices.
  • Bring your own extension cords, connection hoses, cords and adapters.
  • Security will be available for the entire area on Friday through Sunday, including overnight.
  • Any alcohol consumed must be done responsibly and within the confines of your site. (“Red Cup” rule applies).  No alcohol can be given or sold to anybody from the general public.
  • Barbeque Product Vendors. If a team wishes to sell any sauces, rubs, and/or barbeque products on cooking site, please let the organizer know if you wish to park close to the Bassmaster Elite Series area.  Space is limited.

Electricity.  If you have signed up for electricity, you will have access to 1 – 30 amp power hookup for your cooking site; you may want to bring a 100’ or longer outdoor extension cord.  If you need more than 1 – 30 amp hookup, please notify the organizer – no guarantees.  If you have your own generator, it would be greatly appreciated if you bring it.

Water and Ice.   At this time, the plan is to have water hook-ups at approximately every 4 cooking sites.  Ice will be available for purchase.


Port-a-potties and hand wash stations located in the barbeque site and public bathrooms in the Valley View Mall while open.


We will be having volunteers coming around your site periodically to pick up your trash during the daylight.  If it is dark outside, please place your trash bags in the dumpsters.  Hot coal and grease containers will also be available throughout the sites.

Contact Information

Laurie Tweten – Rotary Rock-n-Ribs Event Coordinator – (608) 769-7446;

Tom & Cindy Juhl – KCBS Representatives – (515) 249-5128 or (515) 971-4371

Are you ready for the challenge?