2018 is TBA

Times:  2017 information

9:30-9:45 am  –  Teams set up at their assigned table.

10:00 am  –  Cook’s meeting

10:30 am –  Turn in time for pulled pork (samples for judges)

11:00 am –  Public competition begins.

2:00 – 2:30 pm  –  Competition closes and monetary votes tabulated.

4:30 – 5:00 pm  –  Winning teams announced and prizes distributed.

Teams may consist of the following:

Members of non-profit organizations.

Other groups or individuals that would like to sponsor a non-profit and make the pulled pork.

The competition is limited to 20 teams competing on behalf of a non-profit organization.

Entry fee:  $30.00 per team

Prizes Sponsored by Verve:
1st Place – $500
2nd Place – $400
3rd Place – $300
4th Place – $200
5th Place – $100
People’s Choice Award – $250 and traveling trophy

  • KCBS judges will be selected to determine the top three prize winners.
  • Prize money will go to the winning teams’ non-profit, and trophies will be given to the group or individual who prepared the meat.
  • Once the contest has been closed, designated Rotary volunteers will collect the voting buckets and count the money to determine which team collected the most money for their non-profit. Winner of the most monetary votes collected wins the People’s Choice Award.

Rules of the Cook-Off:

  • Non-profits choosing not to prepare their own pulled pork are responsible for securing a sponsor to do so. If you are unable to secure a sponsor, we may be able to pair you with one.  Please contact Ed Jaekel if you need assistance – see below.
  • Each team may consist of 2-4 people.
  • Pulled pork is to be prepared off-site. Bring the finished product the day of the event.  If you are a sponsor who is also a contestant in the KCBS Stand Alone Backyard Competition, you may prepare the pulled pork at your designated Cook Site.
  • Teams may season and/or sauce up pulled pork any way desired.
  • Teams are encouraged to be creative in their recipes!!
  • Meats will be checked to insure they have reached proper temperatures prior to judging. Meat must be heated to and maintained at 165 degrees and perishable food items must be kept at 41 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.
  • Each team supplies at least one full 18-quart roaster of pulled pork (5 or more pork shoulders or butts) Try to avoid over filling the samples and running out. The more people who taste means more opportunity for cash votes!
  • Teams should arrive and setup no earlier than 9:30 am.
  • Pulled pork should be hot and ready to serve by 10:30 am.
  • Each team captain or designee must attend a mandatory meeting 2 weeks prior to the event, and the Cook’s meeting on the day of the event. Contest organizers will contact each team by email with dates and times of these meetings approximately 4-6 weeks prior to the event.

Equipment Required/ Provided:

  • Each cooking space is approximately 8’ x 10’, and includes one 6’ or 8’ table.
  • Rotary Clubs will provide condiment cups, napkins, forks and plastic gloves for public tasting.
  • Electricity will be available. Please bring your own heavy-duty extension cord, minimum of 100’, outdoor use and 12 gauge.
  • Each team supplies their own cooking equipment. (Roasters or crockpots, chairs, additional small table, cooking/serving utensils, etc.).
  • Each team will be provided a ‘bucket’ to collect monetary votes. It is the team or non-profit organization’s responsibility to create a sign on the front of the bucket for the pubic to see who and why your non-profit organization is important and worth the money

NOTE:  If a team elects to have a business or other sponsor prepare their pulled pork, please provide event organizer with their information.  We want to be sure they are recognized at the event.  Please also be sure to include their name on the entry form under ‘Pulled Pork Prepared By’.

NO REFUNDS.  Teams unable to attend for legitimate reason, at the committee’s discretion, will be granted an entry into 2018 Rotary Rock-n-Ribs ‘Pulled Pork Competition’.

Teams/Sponsors Receive:

  • Name recognition the day of the event.
  • Recognition on any advertising after the event.
  • The satisfaction of helping the non-profit of your choice while having loads of fun with friends, family, co-workers, and attendees!
  • Each non-profit keeps the monetary votes for their organization.

Questions? Please Contact: 

Ed Jaekel (608) 386-6252 or email edward@jrmcpa.biz