KCBS State Championship Competition Winners

Grand Champion 
 Hogline BBQ
Reserve Grand Champion 
  Lucky’s Q
Third Overall Champion
 Sons of Butchers
1st – Lucky’s Q
2nd – Hogline BBQ
3rd – Sons of Butchers
4th – Croix Valley Sauces
5th – Farm Boy BBQ
6th – True Smoke
7th – Marie’s
8th – Legends of Smoke – Team Red Arrow
9th – Bergey Boys Blazing BBQ
10th – All Around Pigs Tails Pork BBQ
Pork Ribs
1st – C R Butts Smoke
2nd – 5 Finger BBQ
3rd – Big Chain BBQ
4th – Whitewater BBQ
5th – Hogline BBQ
6th – Spitfire
7th – Legends of Smoke – Team Red Arrow
8th – Sweet Freedom BBQ
9th – Nagan for More BBQ
10th – Aces High BBQ
1st – C R Butts Smoke
2nd – Case of Ribs
3rd – Crash Test Smokers
4th – BS Barbeque
5th – Sons of Butchers
6th – True Smoke
7th – Farm Boy BBQ
8th – Too Poor to Score
9th – Big Al’s Ghetto Hogs
10th – All Around Pigs Tails Pork BBQ
1st – Hogline BBQ
2nd – True Smoke
3rd – Lucky 19 Sauce Company
4th – Lucky’s Q
5th – Case of Ribs
6th – Big Chain BBQ
7th – Sons of Butchers
8th – Legends of Smoke – Team Red Arrow
9th – Nagan for More BBQ
10th – Dry 2 Da Bone
KCBS Stand Alone Backyard Competition Winners

Grand Champion
Brisky Business

Reserve Grand Champion
1st – BFD BBQ
2nd – On Point BBQ
3rd – Pa Pa’s Pit BBQ
4th – Brisky Business
5th – Southside Smoke
6th – Barry’s Q
7th – Snaptail Smokers
8th – Bigfoot BBQ
9th – It’s BBQ Time
10th – 2 Pour 2 Q
Pork Ribs
1st – Brisky Business
2nd – 2 Sauced Two Smoke
3rd – Bigfoot BBQ
4th – I Ate Da Bones BBQ
5th – Barry’s Q
6th – Big Geek BBQ
7th – It’s BBQ Time
8th – BFD BBQ
9th – 2 Pour 2 Q
10th – Pa Pa’s Pit BBQ

SCA Steak Competition – Total 25 teams

1st Place – Dan Ewer
2nd Place – Scot Lindley
3rd Place – Brady Bergey
4th Place – Bill Mulso
5th Place – Dustin Reese
6th Place – Dan Judd
7th Place – Isaac O’Connell
8th Place – Larry Dahlen
9th Place – Andy Poterucha
10th Place – Lee Moeller

SCA Wing Competition

1st Place – Paul Woelfel
2nd Place – Lee Moeller
3rd Place – Wade Lambert
4th Place – Isaac O’Connell
5th Place – (not claimed)

Mystery Ingredient Competition

1st – All Around Pigs Tails Pork BBQ
2nd – Croix Valley Sauces
3rd – On Point BBQ
4th – Legends of Smoke – Team Red Arrow
5th – Meat Mafia BBQ

Pulled Pork Competition for Non-Profit Organizations

1st – La Crosse Dive Unit
2nd – Mabel Area Food Shelf
3rd – Aquinas Art Department
4th – Salvation Army of La Crosse
5th – Audra’s Animals

People’s Choice – Mabel Area Food Shelf / Bergey Boys Blazing BBQ

Kids Q Competition
Grill Master (ages 7 to 10)
1st – Emma Howard
2nd – Eli Hanam
3rd – Keira Schlicht
4th – Kaelynn Howard
5th – Reece Brown
Zoya Syed
Noah Anderson
Elyse Brown
Pit Master (ages 11-15)
1st – Elly Frey
2nd – Kyle Fagerlind
3rd – Tyson Felton
4th – Ayden Howard
5th – Iain Chang
6th – Hannah Ward